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Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions about your financial future. Our mission is for our company's website to be simple and clear, so that customers may form their own opinions on financial matters and services. We are totally independent, which allows us to concentrate our efforts on creating comparison charts to assist you in selecting the best product for you.

We do not charge our customers for our comparison services. However, most of the companies we feature in our tables pay us a commission. We need to make money so that we can keep finding you better choices and ways to save money.

The companies you see on our site, such as banks, insurers, and brokers, pay us a fee when you choose them from our comparison table. We get paid differently depending on which product you are comparing.

We either get paid a fee, a percentage of what it costs you, or when you click through to a provider. The fees we pay to our advertising providers are much smaller than the fees you would usually pay for TV or press advertising. That's why we have so many providers wanting to work with us.